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CTS a NetBeans Plugin


IDEs do not always comfort the needs of a developer. They offer libraries to let their users develop their development environment. CTS (Comment To Speech) is a plugin developed for NetBeans IDE. The purpose of CTS Plugin is to avoid reading JavaDoc comments of method calls by producing speech out of JavaDoc comments. In addition, this plugin can aid blind users of NetBeans. CTS Plugin detects method calls that include static method calls. To find such a method, the CTS Plugin uses Abstract Syntax Tree to outline the source code. This includes the generation of Compilation Unit objects. The project can find inherited method calls and methods called using scope definers such as this and super keyword. Finding a method by instance name has failed and is a further implementation. In addition, solving instance’s scope, solving an object’s type in Polymorphic Structures, and setting priorities of consecutive method calls are further implementations of CTS Plugin.

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Technologies used; Java 8, JavaParser, FreeTTS, MBROLA and NetBeans IDE